Serg Shepard, Dillon Stone

Sexy young dude Serg Shepard’s bare asshole raw fucked by hot daddy Dillon Stone’s huge dick.

When a new client—Serg Shepard—arrives, Mr. Stone can’t help but fall for his physique. The guy isn’t just small; this pocket gay has got great muscle definition and a cute face.

Firm pecs built thighs, and a bubble butt begging to be squeezed. Luckily, that’s just what Mr. Stone’s paid to do!

The nervous twink lays down on the padded table stomach-first, and the pepper-haired massage specialist gets to work. Mr. Stone rubs oil into the jock-boy’s flesh, coating it slowly with firm rubs.

He squeezes Serg’s tight little waist in his strong palms. He then works his way up, squeezing and kneading the luscious muscles of Serg’s toned shoulders, before climbing back down to the boy’s round rump.

He gives particular attention to those full cheeks. Serg’s plump ass is one of the hottest things he’s ever seen.

Mr. Stone massages them lovingly, working his hands around each globe, and pressing his thumb firmly down between the crack and across the boy’s taint. Serg moans softly and wriggles around on the table.

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