Cole Blue, Dale Savage

Sexy ripped twink Cole Blue’s huge young cock barebacking Team Coach Dale Savage’s hairy asshole.

Sometimes, one of the young men would request a private meeting with Coach Savage in his office. Mostly, the boy would try to sweet talk him into giving them more playing time on the court or, alternatively, ask for advice regarding things going on in their personal lives.

The coach really enjoyed these one-on-ones and occasionally he would develop a bit of a crush, but they were typically short-lived and fleeting. And then one day, a stunning and otherwise gorgeous young athlete named Cole Blue joined. To Coach Savage’s surprise, he was immediately smitten.

He loved the outgoing but unassuming way in which the young man carried himself. Cole was well-mannered and very respectful of not just him and the other coaches, but to the other athletes as well. Coach Savage’s feelings and attraction grew stronger as time went by.

He’d find himself distracted in team meetings, his mind wandering thinking about something Cole had said to him or the way in which he moved on the playing field, the young athlete’s perfect form, and fitness driving him secretly wild.

It was becoming more and more difficult not to stare as Cole would enter a room. Somehow the boy seemed to magically get increasingly more appealing as time went by.

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