John Leto, Sammy Poulain

John Leto and Sammy Poulain are trying on tight skimpy underwear together.

“Hey look at my tan,” suggests John, “I did my homework.”

“I don’t think so,” Sammy responds, “You are so pale.”

The young boys lean into each other a kiss on the lips while feeling each others’ asses in their underwear.

John is the first to push Sammy down onto the bed as both boys get naked.

Sammy’s big twink dick has a raging hardon and John takes advantage getting down low sucking in his cock in low slow strokes.

Sammy returns the favor blowing John’s thick uncut cock getting it deep down his throat and licking Sammy’s big twink cockhead with his lips and tongue.

John lies back on the bed and pulls his legs up close to him, exposing his ass and his tight ass is fully accessible to Sammy.

Sammy takes advantage of this and parts John’s ass cheeks so he can clearly see John’s bare pink hole.

He licks his hole and ass crack getting it nice and well lubed, while John strokes his dick.

Then without warning, Sammy presses his young hard erect cock deep into Sammy’s hole. He keeps the pressure on until he is balls deep in the young bottom twink, making John moan with pleasure.

They kiss repeatedly as John’s bare ass gets a pummelling from Sammy.

John then takes the initiative and control, lowering his hot hole down onto Sammy’s waiting erection. No John grinds his butt hole firmly onto Sammy’s thick dick increasing the intensity as he feels that young cock moving deep inside his hole.

They switch place again with John on his back and Sammy lifting his legs and bare fucking John really pumping him hard and fast.

John can take no more and his orgasm quickly arises and he explodes jizz all over his stomach and chest.

He is quickly followed by Sammy who covers them both in his cum then fucks the cum back inside John’s freshly fucked twink hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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