Helmut Huxley, Pip Caulfield

Helmut Huxley and Pip Caulfield’s hardcore ass fucking scene intro is a tad longer than usual.

The sexy young men are in for a romantic afternoon which continues overnight, and until the next morning.

The dirty guys decide to take a post-sleep shower together.

Suddenly, all the romance goes away and the only thing they can both think of is hot steamy sex.

Pip is amazed by the size of Helmut’s huge uncut dick so he immediately falls to his knees and starts worshiping it with his mouth.

All Helmut can think of is Pip’s sexy ass, so soon after Pip is feeling a big cock deep inside.

Even after both cum for each other, the action carries on until Helmut remembers he has other commitments, so round two has to take place another day.

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