Jim Durden, Jorik Tautou

Young dark-haired hotties Jim Durden and Jorik Tautou are discussing their sexual experiences.

Jim is surprised to hear that Jorik has never topped anyone before.

The two sexy young studs start to make out, kissing passionately, as Jim reaches down and wanks Jorik’s already massive raging uncut hard-on.

Jim can’t believe how thick and long Jorik’s cock is as he works it between his fingers.

They switch-up positions with Jim spreading his legs wide so that Jorik can get his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth hairless ass crack.

Jim holds his feet behind his head giving Jorik full access to his asshole.

Jorik probes his tongue deep into Jim’s asshole lubing him up and getting him nice and wet.

Jim moans loudly at the sensation pulsing through his ass.

With his super hard uncut cock between both hands he rubs it hard between Jim’s ass cheeks until he finally finds his moist hole and forces his cockhead inside.

Jorik’s massive young dick slips sleekly inside and he slowly starts to fuck Jim with long slow strokes.

He picks up speed sliding his slick dick balls deep inside Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim then jumps on top and guides his bare ass hole down onto Jorik’s throbbing cock, taking control and pressing down hard feeling Jorik’s thick member moving inside him.

His moaning reaches a crescendo as Jorik deftly fucks his hole.

Jorik pulls out and licks Jim’s dick just as he jerks out a huge cum load which sprays all over Jorik’s face.

He licks his lips and swallows Jim’s full load.

Then Jorik slips back inside and fucks Jim until he is ready to come, he pulls out as he explodes cum all over Jim giving him a big creamy cum facial.

The sexy boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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