Eric Charming, Matthew Figata

I am Matthew Figata and I first noticed young cute twink Eric Charming following behind me like a nervous little puppy. The way his big puppy eyes looked up at me made my heart flutter.

I loved the way his smooth peachy ass bounced around in his tight jockstrap and I just couldn’t believe my luck, having the gorgeous young dude all to myself.

Eric is very subservient, and he happily followed my instructions to the letter as I ordered him to remove my shoes.

Piece by piece, I removed my clothing, and something in me just wanted to possess Eric and fuck him hard, but I also wanted to protect him.

As Eric knelt on the floor he reached in and pulled out my already rock solid cock, which was tenting my underwear.

My thick dick slipped easily between young Eric’s lips, he loved the feeling of my big cock head thrusting inside his mouth until my big cock head hit the back of his deep throat, making him gag.

Eric didn’t struggle or fight it. He savored it. He wanted to show me how much he appreciated being my slave. And he wanted to feel me claim him again and again.

My hands pawed at his milky white ass, feeling his soft cheeks and tight hole. He got up onto the bed, presenting himself to me as I mouthed my affection into his backside.

Licking his tight hole, I buried my face deep as he moaned into the air. I could have listened to those sounds for hours.

Not I wanted to fuck Eric breeding his raw ass with my hot seed.

Eric looked at me longingly as I pushed my huge erection balls deep between his ass cheeks. Moaning loudly Eric couldn’t wait for my seed.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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