Eric Charming, Jax Thirio

When Eric Charming was brought out, my breath was taken away. Not only did he have a smooth, well-maintained body, but he had the beautiful face of an angel.

His lips were full and pink, parted slightly as he nervously took each anxious breath. His eyes darted around the room like a puppy looking out for danger but keeping himself composed and compliant as Master Jax Thirio began to present him to the group.

With each snap of his fingers, the slave boy Eric changed up his position, showcasing his beautiful chest, his strong back, and, of course, his peachy, round, creamy-white ass. As Jax Thirio oiled him up, the sheen off his cheeks took to the light and made him all the more enticing

Eric propped himself up on his arms, revealing the well-worked muscles beneath his boyish appearance. He was clearly not nearly as fragile as his virginal look would have suggested, making my cock stiffen at the thought of what I could do with him.

And just as I felt myself prepared to bid, Master Thirio opened up his pants and pulled out his throbbing member, making me breathe harder as I knew what was to come.

His rigid tool was placed right between Eric’s perfect cheeks, finding its way deeper into the valley of his mounds before it got lost in his hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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