Brandon Anderson, Roman Todd

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When Julius’s father, Bartram Franklin, passes away, he’s shocked that within his dad’s vast portfolio of investments there is a ranch that has been left to him.

He knew nothing about it and upon researching he realizes the Briar Basin Ranch doubles as a popular gay bed-and-breakfast.

He has no idea why his dad would own the place but decides to take his wife Charlotte to check it out.

When he arrives, he’s greeted by Richie, his father’s hospitality assistant.

Though Julius was unaware why his father needed someone in that position, he gets to know Richie and realizes that his father liked to have Richie in many positions.

The all-gay staff are incredibly welcoming to Julius and Charlotte and the couple settles in for a nice weekend without knowing the crew’s true intentions.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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