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Lance Charger, Dylan Hayes

After his mother passes, Hayden Beck (Dylan Hayes) is left with his stepfather, Clive Ward (Lance Charger). Clive is the complete opposite of Hayden’s sweet-as-pie, loving mother and Hayden yearns for similar affection from his stepfather. Watch FULL MOVIE here!…

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Dallas Steele, Ty Santana

Coach Smith (Dallas Steele) drops by his favorite player Caleb’s (Ty Santana) house to present him with an offer letter to play football at his first-choice university. Coach Smith is nostalgic about coaching Caleb throughout his career and waxes poetic…

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Trevor Harris, Pierce Paris

Closetted young gay man Elijah Smith (Trevor Harris) is living the perfect daytime nightmare. Elijah’s mother Elizabeth is overpowering and controlling and just happens to be devoutly religious into the bargain. And of course, young Elijah is doubting his sexuality…

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