Zac DeHaan, Brian Jovovich

Sexy young ripped blonde boys Brian Jovovich and Zac DeHaan strip out of their clothes and stand together in their well packed Addicted underwear.

They pose naked for Marty the cameraman, Zac hands spread Brian’s ass cheeks wide so we can see Brian’s smooth pink hole.

Zac is lying on the bed with Brian in, cowboy position with his hot hole hovering above Zac’s big already erect uncut dick.

Brian wanks his own uncut cock and leans across and jerks Zac’s thicker uncut dick too.

Brian then sucks Zac’s hard thick uncut cock deep to the back of this throat in long smooth in and out movements until Zac’s balls are on his lips.

The sexy boys lie side by side each jerking their big dicks, Brian shoots first spraying creamy jizz all over his tanned abs the sight of which sends Zac over the edge shooting his load all over himself.

Both boys end up in a sticky cum mess.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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