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Today we see sexy newbie stud Dustin Rhodes fresh after his home alone solo jerk off (here) which he garnered plenty of fans teamed up with horny hottie Sean.

Dustin is a keen mountain biker and loves to work outdoors in his garden. Sean hears on the grapevine that Dustin is a cute versatile young dude with a liking for garden gnomes.

Sean jokes, “Can’t wait to plant my gnome in your garden!” cracking himself up as well as Dustin.

Dustin’s likes and loves are “Nice big rough dicking.”

So he should be very happy with the big surprise that Sean is packing for him.

Sean tells Dustin to shut his eyes and to promise not to peek even a little bit as he puts his big erect cock in the palm of his hand.

Judging by the look on his face Dustin is mightily impressed, and he quickly sucks it before the guys strip down and make out kissing passionately.

He rides Sean’s cock, then lies back with his legs up over his head as Sean fucks him in piledriver.

Dustin moans loudly as he takes everything that Sean can throw at him.

The super top thrusts into his raw ass hole in missionary position before Dustin can hold off no longer and he blows a huge cum shot, covering himself with a hot load of jizz that he loves to play with.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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