Sean Cody Brysen, Sean Cody Dax

Brysen and Dax are already kissing as they enter the bedroom and undress each other.

Dax sucks Brysen’s big cock as Brysen reaches down to spank and squeeze his ass.

Brysen moans, “Oh fuck, that’s a tight hole,” as Dax lowers himself onto that dick to ride Brysen reverse, asking, “You like that ass?”

Brysen turns Dax on all fours to fuck his ass, then cums all over his hole… and then it’s his turn to get dicked down.

He lies on his back so Dax can penetrate him in missionary, then fucks him doggy style.

Dax wants to cum, so the guys flip this fuck again as he lies on his back, and Brysen strokes in and out of his hole till Dax orgasms, and Brysen gives him a facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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