Nate Donaghy, Justin Saradon, Jim Durden

Today our sexy trio are outdoors and they’ve been trying to settle an argument, the question on everyone’s minds is which of the two young tops Nate Donaghy and Jim Durden is the best lover.

Expert bottom Justin Saradon wanders into view and bingo the two boys will conduct the ultimate test by both having Justin’s hot ass and letting him decide.

Justin is led to the garden day bed and he kneels between the two sexy studs, kissing both of them on the lips before he frees their big erect cocks from their shorts.

He sucks both huge erect dicks taking them deep to the back of his throat making him gag as they hit home, as the two tops make out together.

The guys then focus their attention on Justin, one rimming his smooth bubble ass and the other blowing his super erect uncut cock.

This turns young Justin on making him so horny he wants to take both top’s big thick dicks deep in his bare asshole.

Nate is up first and he rubs his cockhead up and down Justin’s ass crack before pushing it balls deep into Justin’s raw hole.

Justin braces for the hardcore anal onslaught loving the feeling of Nate’s massively thick cock moving inside his asshole.

The young bottom almost shoots his load a few times as expert lover Nate pummels him with a power drill fucking style but he holds off as he wants a taste of Jim’s massive fuck tool

The ripped young muscle boys switch up with Jim in the driving seat. Jim starts off in missionary before changing position a number of times, each time going in harder and deeper as Justin moans loudly with every stroke in and out.

The hottie tops exchange positions again with Justin taking full control and grinding his asshole down onto Nate’s throbbing erection tightening his ass muscles and gripping Nate’s cock like a vice.

Nate is the first to blow spraying jizz all over Justin’s face and chest all the while Jim’s slick dick is still inside Justin’s bubble butt.

Justin orgasms next as Jim pulls out and showers them both with his cum, before he licks up every drop of Justin’s hot boy seed.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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