Marc Ruffalo, Chris Caan

Sexy bearded young hunk Marc Ruffalo and newbie twink Chris Caan make out kissing passionately.

Marc moves down Chris’s body first licking his nipples then down further to lick his big uncut dick from tip to balls, as Chris fingers his hot asshole.

Chris returns the favor sucking down hard on Marc’s big thick cock enveloping his huge cock head with his lips and tongue.

Marc parts Chris’s ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue deep into his ass crack and rimming his tight boy hole.

As Chris braces on the edge of the bed, Marc plunges his huge raw cock hard and long into his ass, making him moan.

Marc bare fucks Chris in a number of different positions, each time getting deeper and closer to orgasm.

They lie side by side with Chris’s leg in the air and Marc’s thick cock plugging his bare hole until he is about to shoot.

Marc pulls out a delivers a huge spray of jizz all over Chris’s ass before fucking the cum back into his freshly fucked hole.

As Chris jerks, his dick Marc licks his balls until he shoots his load all over his stomach. Marc then licks his wet dick dry, swallowing all his cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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