Jules Bourget

We first glimpse Jules Bourget standing in just his sexy tight yellow Calvin Klein undies with his soft uncut cock making quite a crotch bulge.

As he moves about his six-pack abs ripple and we see him posing for the camera with a quiet confidence that is unusual for someone so new to the gay porn scene.

The photographer changes positions a number of times and we catch sight of Jules’s smooth butt cheeks as he pulls down the back of his underwear.

Jules unleashes his hard stubby uncut cock which has a slight curve to it.

As Jules lies there silently jerking his dick the cameraman clicks away and Jules continues unperturbed by all the action around him.

He closes his eyes and concentrates on the job at hand, his balls bouncing around as he wanks.

Then without warning, Jules’s breathing starts to get labored and his body convulses a few times before he sprays a huge cum load across his six-pack abs.

A wry smile escapes his lips as he breathes a sigh of relief and turns away to wash off the cummy mess.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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