Giulio Pasolini, Andrei Karenin

Today newbie young stud Giulio Pasolini asks Andrei Karenin about some gym training tips.

The other boys look up to Andrei as he definitely has the most beautiful muscular young body of anyone at Freshmen.

Andrei wants something in return for all his advice but Giulio doesn’t have the cash so they agree to a quick love-in.

When Giulio knocks on the door, Andrei races to meet him. He’s feeling very horny and he can’t wait to get started.

Andrei helps Giulio strip off naked as the boys make out, kissing passionately before Andrei pushes Giulio down onto the sofa.

Guilio raises his legs up giving Andrei full access to his hairy asshole. Andrei runs his tongue along his ass crack until he reaches his hairy asshole.

Giulio moans loudly as he feels Andrei’s tongue on his hole. Andrei rims him good getting him nice and moist for his thick uncut dick.

The boys switch up positions and with a slap of his hand, Andrei forces his erect cock deep into Giulio’s hot ass hole.

Andrei’s expert ass fucking skills come into their own and Giulio is moaning loudly as he pushes in and out of his tight virgin hole.

Giulio slowly gets used to having another guy’s dick in his ass and smiles as his ass takes a pummeling as Andrei power fucks his bottom boy.

Giulio can’t hold off for too long and he blows his load all over his abs before Andrei pulls out and coats Giulio’s bare ass with his jizz before fucking his cum back inside.

The boys finish with a tender kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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