Dolf Dietrich, Jax Thirio

Gaycest says: Brotherly love step bros Dolf Dietrich and Jax Thirio balls deep ass fucking.

Each deep, passionate thrust of Dolf’s cock inside of Jax made the whole bed rock. Dolf placed Jax’s legs over his shoulders and began to methodically push his steel-hard rod all the way in and then slowly pull back out—and repeat.

The brothers gasped and moaned in unison. Jax hoped and prayed it would go on and on like this, never stopping. Dolf did indeed try to keep sexing up his brother as long as he could, but Jax’s sweet, sensuous moans and sighs inevitably got to be too hot and thrilling to bear.

Dolf could feel a mind-bending, powerful orgasm hurtling to the finish. He shouted in ecstasy as thick, hot blasts of semen filled Jax’s well-fucked beefy bottom. The brothers in their youth had had some really intense and exciting fucks, certainly. But now, as men in the peak of their prime, this was something completely different.

Dolf wondered if it was crazy that he was starting to have feelings again for Jax. Or was it the orgasmic afterglow of an incredibly awesome fuck overtaking him? Either way, it seemed clear to Jax and Dolf that their rekindled brotherly love felt good. It felt right and perfectly natural.

And this was an understanding that these brothers shared without having to say the words. What was to come next? Jax certainly had no idea, but he had a feeling deep inside that this was just the beginning.

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