Jamie Kelvin, Marcel Boyle

We have to feel a little sorry for hot young cutie Josh Cavalin.

He is totally clueless that his hottie BF Marcel Boyle has been burning the candle at both ends with some extra boy fun with local young stud Jamie Kelvin.

As soon as he leaves Marcel’s house the boy’s other lover is sneaking down to lock lips and kick off another round of horny action.

The two aren’t exactly geniuses when it comes to secretive shenanigans.

They don’t even get in the house before Marcel is wrapping his lips around his other boyfriend’s hard penis, sucking his dong right there in the open.

We have to wonder what would happen if Josh returned and caught them in the act.

Their common sense seems to return after that hasty taste of hard young penis and the two head indoors to have even more fun, with both stiff dicks getting a lot of slurps before Jamie turns his attention to that hairless little pucker.

With some lapping to get the boy thoroughly wet, he eases his naked cock inside, fucking his twink lover bareback from behind and giving young Marcel a rampant ride on his dong.

He gets that meat even deeper when he has the boy on his back, pumping his prostate and encouraging the greedy bottom to squirt his hot sperm all over himself in a climactic finish that brings his buddy along.

Jamie pulls out to jack his rigid member, splashing his own gooey wad out over the messy boy in a finish that doesn’t seem to have either feeling the slightest iota of guilt.

I get the feeling little Josh would be upset, but perhaps he’d just want to join in and share his own cock and ass with the boys, too.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Tyler Scott

Naked young hunk Felix Gaul joins sleepy head Ronny Lamarr between the bed covers reaching around and holding him intensely, making out, kissing passionately.

Ronny awakens and whispers sweet nothings into Felix’s ear as Felix gently plants his moist lips all over Ronny’s naked body licking his nipples and making him hard.

Felix’s inquisitive mouth continues down to Ronny’s crotch where he is already sporting a super thick erection.

Ronny moans loudly as Felix blows his huge thick erect uncut dick running his tongue from the big mushroom tip to the base of his balls.

Then with Felix spread out on his back, Ronny takes control swallowing his hard uncut cock whole before polishing his cockhead with his tongue and playing with his foreskin.

Ronny certainly knows how to pleasure a guy.

He then bends Felix over, exposing his hairy ass hole tapping it with his fingers before running his tongue up and down his ass crack.

While Felix is jerking his own cock, Ronny inserts a finger massaging his asshole carefully at first, as Felix’s moaning grows louder.

With Felix and Ronny in spoon position, Ronny slides his erect fuck tool deep into Felix’s waiting boy hole, kissing him as he pushes it all the way home.

Ronny parts Felix’s ass cheeks opening up his hole for his hot cock.

The ass pummelling continues with Ronny forcing his huge erection all the way in until his balls slap soundly on Felix’s ass.

Felix just loves the feeling of Ronny’s thick uncut dick moving inside him, first in all the way then out until the tip of his dick is almost out.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Felix now in reverse cowboy.

Now Felix is in control and he pushes his ass hole down onto Ronny’s throbbing cock, both boys almost losing control and getting to orgasm a number of times.

These expert fuckers know how to keep from cumming until they are both ready to unload.

Ronny now power fucks Felix his hot dick hammering away like a power drill.

Felix then cums with Ronny’s hard dick still deep in his hole, his jizz sprays all over his ripped abs.

Ronny licks up the mess before delivering his own huge cum load in Felix’s face. The boys kiss once more as they relax in each other’s arms.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Mark Troy, Tyler Scott

There’s no better way to end a god workout than with a dick to suck and a butt to fuck.

Sporty boys Mark Troy and Tyler Scott understand that all too well in this new BoyFun video.

The two have been enjoying a run through the park and looking delectable in their tight shorts, but the real fun starts when the boys decide to seek a little privacy for a cool down.

As soon as they reach the bed the boys are making out, their tightly packed bulges grinding together and swelling to full hardness.

In no time at all the sporty pals are sucking on those delicious dicks, swapping their hard inches with each other in the most satisfying session of oral.

Needless to say, when Mark turns his attention to licking his friend’s tight little ass the real action is about to commence.

With his balls heavy and loaded with cum Mark sinks his bareback cock deep into his friend, fucking Tyler from behind.

The boy can’t wait to take control and enjoy a ride on his buddy’s dong when he gets the chance, his own swollen dick swinging and swollen.

A final spooning takes the boys to the bliss they’ve been seeking, with Tyler thirsty for the spooge splashing into his face and wanking his own hot milky mess from his desperate erection.

As sticky kiss is the perfect finish, now it’s time for the boys to hit the shower, no doubt looking forward to their next morning run.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Daniel Star, Elio Pjatteryd

They say blonds have more fun, and that certainly seems to be the case for the two blond boys in this seriously steamy session of BoyFun.

Cute little twink Daniel Star is enjoying his own kind of solo fun while laying on the couch, easing a slippery anal toy in and out of his smooth and tight pucker. His cock is swollen and bulging in his briefs but his attention is most definitely focussed on his ass.

That changes when shaggy-haired boy Elio Pjatteryd arrives to catch him enjoying his play session. In moments the young man is sucking on Daniel’s big cock and taking a turn to fuck his hole with the toy.

Elio gets his own juicy dong slurped and licked by his eager bottom pal before giving young Daniel the real thing to replace the toy.

It’s clear that while the boy was enjoying that slippery dildo the feel of a warm and raw cock inside his hole is far preferable.

He takes a good fucking on his back but soon enough he’s getting the chance to put his own steely boner to good use in Elio’s equally snug little hole, buggering the boy from behind.

The two switch again to get themselves to a cream conclusion, with smooth boy Daniel splashed with plenty of cum to finish their awesome bareback flip fuck.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Max Gen, Daniel Star

This long-haired young man was looking for a job in Prague before moving there.

He studied to be a nurse but never worked in healthcare.

Instead, he was job-hopping, expecting to find something enjoyable eventually.

We decided that a back-office position at an insurance company would be worth a try this time, mainly because of a nice salary.

With that settled we had to take care of the mediation fee, which he obviously couldn’t afford.

The guy was kind of handsome, so I was more than happy to help. His lean and smooth body was incredibly sexy.

I was getting really horny, so I didn’t hesitate and offered him some cash.

The guy gently sucked me off and even gave me a nice foot massage.

I almost felt bad while wrecking his ass, but I was just so horny.

He was barely able to walk when leaving my office.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Tommy Williams

Twinky little Tommy Williams is a great new addition to BoyFun and we know you’re going to want more of him after you watch the fresh new arrival showing off his smooth and slim body and having a good time with his hard uncut cock.

The sexy lad has never shot a video like this before but you can see from the moment he arrives to introduce himself that he’s got the confidence for it. And we can see why, he’s adorable.

In no time at all he’s shirtless and playing with the growing bulge in his jeans, toying with his tight little nipples and slowly revealing his colorful underwear.

His cock is already swelling up in that pouch and he clearly can’t wait to show everything and really get to work on his dick. He delivers a good long tease before stripping naked and grasping that uncut cock.

It’s a pretty meaty penis for a boy with such a slight build but it suits him well. He gives us some sexy hole play when he kneels on the couch, his pucker winking and twitching while he lets his fingers roam over it, his balls growing heavier and his cock still throbbing with the need for release.

By the time the twink is pumping his juicy goo from his swollen tip you’ll be on board for more, but you probably were from the moment he arrived.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Josh Cavalin, Tony Milak

Hottie young stud Tony Milak heads off to work, it’s a beautiful autumnal day and he’s in a horny happy mood.

He’s surprised to catch the eye of young Josh Cavalin who is leaning out of his window, inviting Tony to come upstairs for some sexy boy fun.

We don’t know if perhaps they know each other already, but the presumption is clear that neither boy would be able to resist such an obvious invitation.

Indeed, Tony can’t say no. Even though he could be in trouble for being late it’s worth taking the risk and in moments he finds himself in Josh’s bedroom, their lips locked and their hands exploring each other.

Tony realizes he made the right decision when his hard cock is engulfed in the boy’s sucking mouth, but his first taste of young Josh’s equally delicious dong only confirms it.

With a little licking of Tony’s tight hole, we’re led to believe it’s his ass that’s about to be invaded, but the tables are soon turned and young Josh is quickly being stuffed with that long bareback boner, enjoying a morning bang from his new buddy.

The unexpected pre-work fuck finishes in a flurry of spunk being pumped, with host Josh splashing his seed out over his smooth body and Tony delivering a delicious mess of his own juicy goo for his pal to suck from his helmet.

We sure hope Tony didn’t get in trouble for being late for work, but even if he does it was absolutely worth it.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Young twinks Jesse Jenkins and Lawrence fucking in the armchair


Boy Fun Collection says: Young naked twinks Jesse Jenkins and Lawrence strip out of their tight sexy lycra undies. Lawrence rims young boy Jessie’s hairy boy hole before fucking him hard and deep in the armchair.


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Cody Long pulls down his tight undies and shows off his young hairy asshole


Boy Fun Collection says: Cute young blond twink Cody Long pulls down his tight undies and shows off his young hairy asshole and smooth ass cheeks. This cheeky young boy’s big thick dick is already rock hard.

Cody jerks his cock hard and with a youthful determination till he gushes forth with a huge rush of hot creamy boy cum.


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