Bart Cuban, Helmut Huxley

After a trip through the city the sexy young studs Bart Cuban and Helmut Huxley arrive home horny as ever.

Tall Helmut is the first to start undressing in the kitchen with shorty Bart following on closely dropping his jeans and underwear.

Once they are both totally naked Helmut leans in grabbing Bart’s huge dick in both hands guiding its big cockhead up to his wet lips.

He gulps down Bart’s big uncut cock getting his tongue up and down the thick length and choking it to the back of his throat.

With Bart jerking his dick, Helmut moves around to rim his tight hairy ass hole, running his tongue repeatedly along his hairy ass crack and finding his hole and digging deep.

Bart sucks on Helmut’s long dick, really working his mouth from balls to tip.

Bart is all worked up now and begs Helmut to fuck him hard, he braces against the wall as Helmut pushes his monster uncut cock deep between Bart’s furry butt cheeks.

Helmut bareback fucks Bart each time changing up positions, to get deeper and deeper into Bart’s hot hole.

Bart takes the rampant anal barebacking for so long then signals that he is going to shoot his load.

Helmut waits open-mouthed as Bart blows his balls directly into his mouth and onto his tongue, swallowing the majority of his load.

Helmut is also close by now and pulls out, sprays Bart’s ass with his jizz explosion before fucking the cum back into young Bart’s freshly fucked butt hole. Both boys moan in total ecstasy.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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