Adam Archuleta, Pip Caulfield

Adam Archuleta is in South Africa playing with his new drone.

He’s keen to get some aerial shots but he keeps forgetting and ends up deleting the footage.

We do get to see hot bottom boy Pip Caulfield splashing around in the pool as he relaxes before getting down to some hot sex.

Pip is a total cock fiend and this usually leads him to act hyper whenever he can sniff out a big dick.

Today though he manages to uncover a more romantic sense as he and Adam get close.

Pip loves it as Adam rims his asshole, he enjoys the feel of Adam’s wet tongue lubing him up.

Of course, Pip being Pip can’t wait to get to the main dish.

He’s ready to take Adam’s sizeable bare cock any which way.

Adam doesn’t disappoint bareback fucking Pip in a combination of differing positions, getting his raw dick deep into Pip.

Pip can hold out no longer and he soon orgasms with a huge explosion of hot boy cum streaming from his dick.

He’s followed by an equally horny Adam who sprays his load all over. Pip’s gonna need a shower after this hot sex show.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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