Zak Bray, Dylan Anderson

I’ve been shooting with these guys for the past couple of years.

But this is the first time Zak Bray and Dylan Anderson have met for their first shoot together.

It’s always really exciting when our mates first meet.

I know that Dylan was very excited about teaming up with the very handsome Zak.

It was late in summer and the day was sunny and warm.

So we decided to start the shoot out on the roof.

I was expecting only some posing and kissing shots out there.

But when I saw Zak pulling Dylan’s shorts down, I knew our rooftop shoot was about to go much further.

The guys got along really well and their photos on the roof, and back in the studio look great.

But wait till you see the video of the guys going at it on the bed.

Now that we are heading into winter in Australia this shoot makes me miss those days of getting naked outside.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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