Will Angell, Liam Angell, Hatler Gurius

“Banged up in prison trained my virgin ass hole real nice for life.”

“After the first forced entry, my ass twitched whenever I caught the knowing eye of a straight dude in the shower his soft dick jumping to attention as I soaped up my hole.”

Young nephew Hatler Gurius used his time in lockup wisely and learned how to get ahead.

Four years was plenty of time for him to learn what his hole is good for.

Now that he’s out he needs a place to stay and wouldn’t you know it Uncle Will Angell and Uncle Liam Angell expect him to pay rent with that sweet broken-in convict hole.

At least he only has his two Uncles breeding him now instead of the whole cell block.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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