Valentin Amour, Andre Donovan

Valentin Amour is known among the Lucas Men for being sensual and seductive.

And when Valentin first met Andre Donovan on the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta, he put his sensual nature and seductive good looks to use to win over the black stud.

Andre Donovan himself never fails to deliver one hell of a pounding whenever he fucks a horny bottom up the ass with his huge black cock.

Valentin Amour steals away Andre Donovan one evening for some skinny dipping in the pool.

There they hug, grope, and make out in the calm water.

And before long, Andre’s alpha-top cock is rock hard and ready to do.

Out of the water, Valentin bounces on Andre’s erection until he squirts his seed.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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