Tyler Tanner, Cain Marko

Summary StoryTyler Tanner has turned out to be one of the most naturally gifted athletes and Coach Cain Marko I pleased to see his progress through the team to the top. He’s a brilliant pitcher and a pretty talented runner, but he’s lately expressed a need for more aggressive training and to give something back to the sport…

Full StoryHe aggressively ordered me onto the couch, face down, with my beefy ass on display, before shoving his sweet tongue as far inside my hole he could get it. I knew he couldn’t resist the taste of my meaty coach ass, and I loved having him come back for more. He lasciviously probed me with his fingers and tongue, prepping me for the super-hard fuck he was clearly gearing up to give me.

Then, he knelt up behind me, lined up his dick with my hole, and bang! Just like that, he was thrusting himself deep into me. The experience was pleasurable in the extreme. There’s nothing quite like taking horny teen cock!

He was fucking me hard, fast, and raw, almost desperately, slinging me onto my back so that he could stare down at me as he brutally wrecked my hole. His youthful energy kept jackhammering into me, I was pretty helpless to do anything other than whisper words of encouragement. I managed to jerk my dick as the waves of total ecstasy crashed through my body, thinking of his young frame mounting up behind my ample backside.

He kept needing to stop to calm himself down and stem his unquenchable desire to shoot his load. There was a moment, however, when everything became too much for his youthful mind and body to deal with and he suddenly announced that he needed to cum.

I used every muscle in my body to squeeze my ass around his dick. Tyler clenched his teeth as the semen gushed out of his loins and into my body. Judging by how much dripped out of me, afterward, I’d say he shot a pretty massive load!

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