Sergeant Miles, Pol Prince

Pol Prince is a guy who knows what he likes, and he likes to be on top when he’s having sex with a man.

He’s a young and handsome guy with a lot of confidence, and it’s never been an issue attracting guys ready to assume the position head down and ass up.

But when Pol Prince met Sergeant Miles for the first time, there was something about his energy that evoked Pol’s submissive side.

Sergeant Miles is all man with a whole lot of machismo, and he likes a guy who knows his place.

While Sergeant Miles is relaxing in the sun, he asks Pol Prince to strip down for him.

Sergeant is fully clothed as Pol drops more and more of his, and eventually, his rock-hard erection gives away his enjoyment of submission to Sergeant Miles.

If getting undressed is enough to excite Pol Prince, Sergeant Miles will not disappoint him by taking this gay bareback sex encounter to the extreme.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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