Sean Cody Clyde, Sean Cody Chris

As Clyde undresses bespectacled hunk Chris, he just can’t get over how hot the bottom is.

“Oh fuck yeah, look how sexy you are! Fuck!” he says before marveling at Chris’s abs that he just has to kiss.

Not to be left out, Chris kneels to pull down Clyde’s jeans and lick the base of his cock before pulling it out and sucking it.

Chris’s ass looks so good, Clyde needs to eat it before penetrating that super tight hole doggy style, making the bottom moan “Oh, fuck!” as he eases inside.

Clyde chokes the bottom a little as he fucks his hole in missionary, and it feels so good that Chris shoots a huge load.

Clyde pulls out and cums, but both of these guys are still horny for more.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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