Niko Vangelis, Nikk Lanier

Niko Vangelis and Nikk Lanier are totally nude standing in the kitchen before they retire to the living room with young new stud Nikk lying back on the armchair giving Niko, the first taste of his big soft dick.

Niko gets to work sucking Nikk’s soft cock and making him fully erect in his mouth.

Nikk’s dick grows in size and hits the back of Niko’s deep throat choking him for a moment.

Niko polishes Nikk’s cockhead with his tongue before swallowing it back balls deep all the while feeling Nikk’s ripped young body.

They switch up positions and return to the kitchen where Niko forces Nikk to bend over the countertop as he presses his firm dick deep betweens Nikk’s smooth ass cheeks.

Niko bare fucks the new dude’s bubble butt with long strong strokes in and out and Nikk loves the feeling of Niko’s hard cock moving inside his hot hole.

Niko then parts Nikk’s ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue into his ass crack and lubing his hole with his saliva making him nice and wet.

Niko licks Nikk’s balls and the super-sensitive area between his balls and his ass hole, which almost makes Nikk cum.

The with a gob of spit on the end of his erect cock Niko slides back inside and power fucks Nikk’s sore hole some more as Nikk jerks his own dick hard.

Niko grabs ahold of Nikk’s waist and pulls him back onto his cock ensuring full penetration.

They return to the sofa chair with Nikk’s legs above his head, and Niko pummeling his asshole with no mercy.

Nikk orgasms spraying his jizz all over his rippling abs while Niko plugs away until he pulls out and explodes, giving Nikk, a huge cum facial. Nikk then licks every drop of Niko’s jizz from his face and licks his dick clean.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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