Nate Anderson, Sam Sivahn

Just before we broke for winter I invited our mates Nate Anderson and Sam Sivahn around for this shoot.

I had been wanting to get them together all summer. Both Nate and Sam are a lot of fun to shoot and hang out with.

I knew they would get along really well. We were having so much fun in this shoot that I ended up taking a lot more photos than I usually would.

The guys stripped each other’s clothes off and fooled around naked for the photoshoot.

But I could tell they really just wanted to get to the video session.

Sam was excited about taking Nate’s fat cock.

In fact, he came twice while Nate was fucking him.

It’s one of the hottest video sessions so far this year. These guys are adorable together.

This is one pair-up that we must do again.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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