Myott Hunter, Draven Navarro

Coach Draven Navarro started working with the college baseball team about a month ago and quickly realized that his most talented player was under-performing. The problem, he deduced, was a lack of confidence.

Young Myott Hunter is a naturally gifted sportsman. He’s tall, lithe, and has great instincts, but a lack of self-belief is holding him back.

The coach has studied the psychology of sportsmen and wants to explore a radical technique – based on light hypnosis – which he hopes will install some confidence in the handsome boy.

Navarro invites Myott to his office and gets the boy feeling relaxed on the couch. It takes a few minutes of deep breathing to get the boy into a frame of mind where he can finally begin to think like a hero.

The technique is plainly working but the atmosphere rapidly becomes sexually charged. Myott begins to touch himself, and Navarro’s meat starts to swell uncontrollably in his shorts.

Within minutes, the coach finds himself massaging the young player’s groin; gently encouraging Myatt to embrace the innate power of his beautiful dick.

Moments later, Navarro climbs onto the couch and presents his beefy ass to the boy. It turns out the boy’s sexual instincts are every bit as refined as his sporting prowess. Myott has never been with a man before, but soon has his intuitive tongue lodged firmly inside the coach’s ass, instantly understanding what he needs and how he’s gonna get it…

Myott sits on the couch and spreads his legs provocatively, his rock-hard dick pointing at the ceiling. The invitation is impossible to refuse and Navarro eagerly sits down on the boy’s lap, allowing Myott’s beautiful meat to slowly sink into his muscular hole.

Myott is a natural when it comes to anal penetration. His strokes are slow and grinding and the coach is rapidly transported into a state of pure sexual bliss.

Navarro climbs onto all fours so that the boy can kneel between his legs and bang him with force. Myott grabs the waistband of Navarro’s jockstrap and thrusts powerfully, gaining more inner confidence with each authoritative stroke.

The boy groans deeply as he orgasms, depositing a huge quantity of semen into his coach’s stomach. Now if that doesn’t get the boy believing more in himself, nothing will!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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