Mauro Valiente, Kosta Viking

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Tattooed alpha muscle top Mauro Valiente and blonde muscle versatile bottom Kosta Viking in this sordid fuck fest.

Mauro Valiente is a new model to join our cast of hot-muscled men and what a man he is.

When you look at Mauro you see pure dirty masculinity and massive muscular strength, which is exactly why Kosta Viking was so keen to get his ass out during their first meeting in Puerto Vallarta.

Kosta just wanted to be the first to get Mauro naked and offer his bottoming services and make Mauro feel welcome.

Kosta Viking and Mauro Valiente first sit down for a Bareback Auditions interview before then both wanna get into the action.

While Kosta is more than comfortable on top, he does take special pleasure in submitting his mouth and boy pussy to the service of another man’s huge thick cock.

That’s exactly what Mauro wants, and so he doesn’t hold back when he takes Kosta Viking for a ride.

Mauro Valiente especially likes doggy-style anal sex, so Kosta ties his long curls up into a man bun, gets on all fours, and opens up his boy pussy for the fat rock-hard uncut monster cock Mauro have between his legs!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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