Luke West, Markus Kage

Luke West and Markus Kage always love to push each other’s buttons but today they are intent on pushing each other’s limits. In fact not just a little, but right out of the park.

So they start with some jump squats which quickly descends into tragedy as Markus drops his phone which smashes on the ground, the screen is completely fucked.

So they make a quick detour to Luke’s apartment so that Markus can search for a promised replacement but digging through the drawer next to the bed, he discovers Luke’s Perfect Fit Zoro Strap-On sex toy.

When Markus asks his buddy about it, he admits his partner introduced him to it and it’s incredible.

Marcus is down to use it on his buddy and Luke is intrigued. Because, if one shaft feels good, then two must be even better!

Markus already has a huge bulge tenting his pants, and Luke whips it out to suck on his thick cock. He gags on it as it slides deep into his throat taking turns slicking it up along with the 6.5-inch black silicone toy.

Markus DPs his face before having him sit on Markus’ bearded face, tonguing his gorgeous hole. Luke rides him as he strokes Luke’s big dick.

Markus plunges his thick cock and the Zoro into Luke, giving him the DP pounding of his life, stretching his ass open wide. He looks him in the eyes as Markus pounds a load out of him, glanding him.

Markus blows his load all over Lukes’s smooth cheeks.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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