Jack Hunter, Michael Boston

Young stud Jack Hunter is listening at the door of his stepbrother Michael Boston’s bedroom door.

His stepdad and Michael have just had sex and Jack is upset with the situation so he confronts Michael about it.

As they sit on Michael’s bed, Michael leans in for a kiss and the sexy boys start making out.

Michael’s hands are all over the place, feeling Jack’s firm body and soft cock which is already starting to get hard.

Jack plants tender kisses all the way from Michael’s crotch to his hairy chest.

Lying on top, Michael grinds his crotch into Jack’s, turning him on and making his dick rock solid.

Michael licks and bites Jack’s nipples before he sucks down hard on Jack’s thick erection.

He swallows it right to the back of his throat, gagging on its girth and length as it hit the back of his deep throat.

Then Jack pulls apart Michael’s bubble butt ass cheeks with both hands and plants his tongue into his hot asshole.

Michael moans loudly at the super rim job and encourages young Jack to go further.

Now with Michael’s legs spread wide apart Jack forces his thick dick into his hot hole in long strong strokes in and out slowly getting faster and deeper.

Michael jerks his own cock before they switch up positions a number of times.

Jack’s forceful ass pummelling gives Michael just what he likes, to be taken powerfully by a hot young cock.

Michael is very close to orgasm but holds off for a second or two before losing control and spraying jizz all over his stomach and hairy chest.

The sight of all that cum makes Jack shoot, a huge volley of cumshots across them both.

Both young studs end up covered in jizz.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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