Helmut Huxley, Jason Bacall

Lazy boy Helmut Huxley rushes into the apartment in just his shorts searching for somewhere to hide away from the mundane tasks that his housemates have been corralled to sort out upstairs.

He searches each of the bedrooms and finds Jason Bacall naked in bed jerking his big uncut dick alone.

Helmut reaches over Jason and the couple start to make out kissing passionately before Helmut throws Jason down onto the bed and drips saliva into his ass crack.

As Jason lies there with his ass in the air, Helmut licks and rims his hot hole.

He probes with his fingers and gets his ass ready for his already full erect thick dick.

Then with Jason moaning with pleasure Helmut pushes his cock slowly, inch by inch into his ass until his balls slap against Jason’s ass cheeks.

Jason’s ass feels really tight around Helmut’s fuck tool.

Jason can feel Helmut moving inside him and it turns him on, almost bringing him to orgasm a number of times.

Helmut being an expert lover knows the signs and pulls back a little so as to increase the intensity of his love-making without shooting too early.

The hot boys switch up positions a number of times each time Jason’s hot hole gets a power fucking he’ll remember for a long time.

Jason jerks his cock hard and with Helmut’s dick deep inside him, he blows a huge cum load across his ripped abs.

Helmut then wanks his own dick as Jason kisses it until he erupts and gives Jason a full cum facial. Ending with Jason licking up the creamy mess.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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