Dylan Hayes, Max Konnor

Dylan Hayes just started his new job as the towel boy at Max Konnor’s exclusive resort.

As Max tells Dylan about all of the services his establishment offers, he’s curious to see what Dylan is willing to prove as he pulls his speedo down to show Dylan his cock.

Eager to prove he wants the job, Dylan wraps his lips around Max’s massive cock and gets to work.

Dylan does all he can to get his mouth down to the base of Max’s rod before getting bent over and eaten out by Max’s talented tongue.

Max takes his time savoring Dylan’s hairless hole before he begins to work his monster in and pound his hole.

Max holds his bottom in place as he continues to pummel his tight hole.

Switching positions, Dylan lays back to feel the full power of Max’s until Max slathers Dylan’s ass with his warm load.

When it’s Dylan’s turn, he sits back and strokes his cock until his glistening abs are covered in jizz.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Gay Porn Philip
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