Dirty Scout 253

Oh dear this job searcher was quite confused about the direction of his intended career.

He has resigned from a heavy manual job in Germany to move back to Czechia to be with his girlfriend.

He was honest about struggling since being back home and he complained that his GF earned more money than he did, a situation he found embarrassing.

I offered the cutie a few positions and we soon settled on a warehouse job, easy stuff, and nicely paid.

The guy spent years playing football, so I was very interested in seeing his muscular legs.

I managed to undress him, and he didn’t disappoint at all: his thighs were huge, and the rest of his body was nicely ripped.

It was obvious he liked sports and working out.

First, he took care of my rock-solid boner, and then I laid him down on my desk and gently slid in his beautifully tight ass.

I love when straight guys endure their first ever anal just to make a few Crowns.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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