Colton Reece, Max Lorde

Sexy football player Colton Reece catches sight of Max Lorde showering in the locker room and he just can’t help himself touching his soft dick until it is fully erect.

The two jocks swap sexy looks leading to curly-haired stud Max filling his mouth with the stranger’s hard meat and Colton toying with the ginger’s bubble butt.

Colton slams his throbbing cock into Max’s freshly showered hole without even taking off his sweaty jockstrap or shoulder pads.

Unafraid to get loud in this public locker room, Max turns bright red as he moans with every bareback thrust of Colton’s raw dick until he bursts all over himself.

Colton pulls out just in time to spew his own load all over Max and add to the sea of cum that’s covering the redhead’s naked body.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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