English Lads

Holden Grant

After doing a photo shoot with us for Fit Young Men, Holden Grant is back this week for his first-ever solo video.

Holden is one of these rugby players who is so used to stripping naked in front of other boys that he was totally comfortable with taking his kit off for us.

And lucky for us, Holden is extremely muscular and really toned, with bulging muscles, though possibly the most impressive muscle of all, his rock-hard cock. Read the full story here

Hayden Green, Craig Bronson

Craig Bronson and Hayden Green have been friends for the past two years yet neither of them had even seen the other one naked yet alone wanked off another guy before, so this was definitely an adventurous step in their friendship when they agreed to make the other one cum on camera.

Both lads have smooth and hit the gym regularly to have muscular bodies with some nice tattoos too.

Hayden strips Craig first and reveals his huge balls and big uncut cock followed by Craig repeating the favor on Hayden. Read the full story here

Adrien Wilson

After a couple of photo shoots with us, the extremely handsome and muscular stud, Adrien Wilson is back for his first ever video.

Adrien is a footballer turned MMA fighter and weight lifter who goes to the gym regularly so has huge muscles, including his big uncut cock with nice dangly balls too.

Adrien does a great job of showing off his lean body and tries on various underwear, looking hot in them all, before he finally undresses, and he can barely stop playing with himself. Read the full story here

Flynn Peacock

Young, straight and very adventurous Australian pup Flynn Peacock is back this week for his first ever manhandling. Flynn has a massive 8 inch long and 6 inch thick uncut cock and loves to show it off.

I begin by oiling Flynn up and massaging his chest and abs before flipping him over to give his glutes and legs a good rub down. Once Flynn’s underwear is off, his huge uncut one goes straight up and I wank his rock hard erection.

After some self filming and plenty of wanking, Flynn shows off his smooth, tight hole before he lies back for me to power wank him to climax, and wow. Flynn squirts a huge load over himself and covering my hand. Great stuff Flynn. Read the full story here

Christian Sterling

Christian Sterling came back to do another shoot and show off that fine body, this tall blond lad is more confident today and really enjoys showing off his body, nice definition, great size muscles and one very special uncut cock that is both long and thick.

Christian has a great body, lively personality and really enjoys showing off his cock, today he does a great job at showing us before lying back and unloading on his abs. Welcome back Christian.

See young English dude Christian Sterling strips naked jerking his huge uncut 8.5 inch dick here! Read the full story here

Charles Collins, Finn Wright

Straight and muscular fitness trainer Finn Wright is excited to be back this week, paired with the tall, confident and athletic Charles Collins. The pair get along really well with lots of banter throughout.

Charles explores Finn’s hunky, smooth body, his tight abs and big strong legs. These playful pups challenge each other to various press-ups and squats and Finn even manages to squat with Charles on his back.

After a lot of playful warm-up, the handsome duo are excited to wank each other’s big uncut cocks. Swapping in many positions, showing their bums nicely to see their lightly fuzzy holes. Then the boys sit back for a super cum shot. Read the full story here

Danny Davis, Dominic Moore

Young, straight and lean footballer Danny Davis is back this week for his first ever man suck and we’ve chosen the naughtiest boy we know to help break him in, Dominic Moore.

These two have similar bodies, both smooth and ripped and both extremely fit. Dominic begins by undressing Danny and feeling his toned, athletic body and Dominic’s wandering hands are soon down Danny’s pants.

The boys take turns wanking each other’s uncut cocks until they’re both rock solid when Dominic starts sucking Danny’s big cock, and it’s not long until Danny’s is returning the favour and has Dominic’s huge cock in his mouth. Read the full story here

Eddie Branson, Joel Jenkins

Joel Jenkins and Eddie Branson are two muscular straight men who have big uncut cocks. They strip each other and play with each other’s uncut cock and before you know it there are two throbbing erections.

Eddie is definitely the less experienced and he still can’t believe he is wanking off another straight man, but they both do a great job and just get on with the shoot.

Showing off their hairy holes before lying back and shooting their loads, Eddie goes first quickly followed by Joel he shoots a bigger load. Wow, well done guys. Read the full story here

Chris Walker

Straight over from Fit Young Men, the super-fit and muscular swimmer Chris Walker joins us for his first ever solo video.

Chris is a six foot, supreme swimmer and his body is evidence with his bulging muscles, massive arms and legs, and one big uncut cock to match. Chris shows off his athletic, smooth body nicely with some strong muscle poses.

And after a slow tease wank, Chris soon has a rock hard erection and is enjoying pumping himself. This hot confident guy then gives us a great bum show in doggie position with his hole nicely on show, with just a little hair. Read the full story here

Marco Braid, Dominic Moore

Marco Braid and Dominic Moore are back and this photo set is coming on line later than the order we filmed his series and should have come online before the last video.

We hope to see Marco carrying on his journey and indeed we all want to see Dominic take that next step.

See straight dude Marco Braid gets his first man wank and his huge uncut dick sucked by Dominic Moore here! Read the full story here

Craig Bronson

Craig Bronson is a young man who works as a personal trainer and plays football so his body is in great shape, he has big shoulders and a narrow waist.

When he drops his boxers you can enjoy that other big muscle; Craig has a big uncut cock and it rises up and stays rock hard throughout the shoot until he makes a nice mess on his and abs cumming and shaking with pleasure. Well done Craig.

See young blonde straight dude Craig Bronson strips down to his tight sexy undies jerking his huge uncut dick here! Read the full story here

Dominic Moore, William Harrison

William Harrison is a tall strong strapping lad, handsome and muscular; he’s a keen rugby player.

The exhibitionist in him is up for another man to play with his huge uncut cock, so we let naughty Dominic Moore have his way with him.

Dominic does a great job of wanking William and showing off his hairy hole and body and gets his thick dick throbbing, he must be enjoying it, when his balls tighten and he unloads he shoots a shower of cum everywhere, even hitting his face. Read the full story here

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