Bruce Querelle, Jon Kael

Jon Kael is lying on the sofa in his sexy white shorts and white socks speaking to Bruce Querelle who is home alone.

He invites Bruce to join him catching some sunshine and working on his tan.

Bruce heads straight over and as soon as he arrives Jon is on his knees undressing Bruce and grabbing his huge uncut dick and sucking it right to the back of his throat.

Bruce then uses both hands to part Jon’s smooth ass cheeks getting his tongue into his tight asshole.

With Bruce’s legs up over Jon’s shoulders, Jon has a perfect shot of Bruce’s hot ass.

He forces his big thick erect dick balls deep into Bruce in long strong in and out strokes.

Bruce then switches to sucking his cock again.

Then with Bruce in cowboy position Jon aims his huge dick upwards as Bruce slides his hole enveloping Jon’s slick cock till it is all the way inside.

Jon’s bareback fucking continues apace with Bruce moaning loudly and enjoying every thrust so that he can feel every inch of Jon.

Both young men are getting close to orgasm, Jon holds off for a second as Bruce blows his load, while Jon’s dick is still inside him.

Jon pulls out giving Bruce a huge cum facial before Jon sucks his dick clean.

The two sexy dudes relax in each other’s arms in a post fuck haze.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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