Blake Bjorn fucked by Francisco

Dirty Tony says: Blake Bjorn and Francisco are sitting in my bedroom, waiting to go hit the town for the night. Since they have a little time to kill, they decide to play a little game Blake learned with his college buddies.

Needless to say, it involves cards and taking clothes off. Before long, Francisco’s stiff uncut dick is sliding down Blake’s ready throat. Blake is an expert cock sucker, taking the brown meat all the way down to Francisco’s full black bush.

Blake flips onto his back so that his latino friend can face-fuck him to full penetration. This inspires Francisco to go a little further and he asks Blake to flip or turn around so he can slide his yam-sized fuck tool into his ass.

He slides it in gently at first. Gradually he picks up the pace as both boys grunt and moan in pain-pleasure. Francisco’s black pubic hair tickles Blakes ass cheeks as he pounds him deeply. Both of their abs are flexed as they fuck.

Francisco rolls onto his back so that Blake can ride his cock. Blake’s slim musculature flexes as he pumps up and down rhythmically. Finally, Blake gets on all fours so that he can get fucked doggy style.

Francisco jams his giant meat into Blakes tight pucker, grabbing his hips for traction. When Francisco is ready to blow his load, Blake opens his mouth eagerly.

Thick ropes of jizz leap from the tip of the swollen, uncircumcized cock into Blake’s waiting mouth. Blake savors the taste, rolling the cum on his tongue and sucking the last few drops from Francisco’s pulsating head. Get Blake Bjorn fucked by Francisco video at Dirty Tony!


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