Beau Reed, Jake Hill

Super cute young Elder Jake Hill has excelled during his time at church and he’s the talk of the flock.

Today he is called into President Beau Reed’s office for something of a reward for all his holy endeavors.

As President Reed touches the young boy’s bare leg he tells him that he’s going to get a special kind of massage with blessed anointing oils.

As Elder Hill lies prostrate on the massage table President Reed pulls down his white underwear to expose his slightly hairy ass before pouring the warmed oils across his back and down along his peachy ass crack.

He massages the boy’s smooth body and works his fingers down to his butt parting his ass cheeks and fingering his tight virgin boy hole.

Then, President Reed, undoes his pants and flops out his thick erect cock and with a firm hand on Elder Hill’s head guides his dick into the young priest’s mouth, until his balls are on his lips.

Elder Hill proves to a proficient first-time cock sucker and he blows the President’s erection hard and deep.

President Reed then jerks Elder Hill’s small oily dick with his hand and sucks it before mounting the table and forcing his dick into the boy’s tight hole, making him moan with pleasure.

Elder Reed takes the raw ass pummelling with good grace and wants more, President Reed changes positions getting his cock in deeper and harder with the boy’s legs in the air.

The greedy young priest wants more and pushes his ass onto the President’s cock harder until he can take it no more and first Elder Hill shoots his load spraying his creamy cum all over his stomach before the older President orgasms shooting jizz all over the youth’s ass.

President Reed then fucks his cum back inside the young missionary’s freshly fucked boy hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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