19-year-old straight lifeguard Gareth

Sean Cody says: Gareth is a 19-year-old lifeguard.

“How many people have you saved?”

“I have about a dozen saves,” he replied proudly. “Maybe a little more.”

“Now, do you work at a pool or at the beach?”

“Both,” he said. “Beach in the summer, pool in the winter.”

“Are you one of those lifeguards who likes to strut around, flexing your abs everywhere?”

“Oh yeah,” he laughed. “Absolutely!”

Gareth was a swim star in high school. He apparently even had a fan club!

“It was a group of girls I went to school with,” he explained. “They came to all of my meets.”

When he’s not lifeguarding, he does some personal training on the side.

“I like to stay busy,” he said. Get this video at Sean Cody!


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